“Tenugui” ( Japanese traditional cotton towel) is a gift that leaves a lasting impression.

With “Tokyo Tokyo Old meets New” as its slogan, the City of Tokyo is working to effectively convey Tokyo’ charm to the rest of the world.
In agreement with this approach, Tokyo Wazarashi manufactures original items such as short coats and“Tenugui” as certified products of Tokyo. Combining “tradition from the Edo period” and “continuing innovation into the future,” Tokyo is creating new value by blending the two. “Old meets New.” That phrase symbolizes the activity and appeal. Tokyo is going to deliver a host of wonders to the rest of the world.

“Tenugui” ( Japanese traditional cotton towel)

“Tenugui”is made by Japanese traditional technique called“Chusen”or“Tokyo honzome”.
Using by this technique, it can dye both sides of the cloth equally, and this technique can be found nowhere else in the world. A “Tenugui” is not just something to dry your hands with. It can also serve as a fashion accessory or a gift for a close friend.Buy

“Hanten”(Japanese traditional short coats)

“Hanten” have been routinely worn by merchants, town folk, and tradesman since the Edo period.
The crest (the symbol on the back) or lettering on the collar let other people know at a glance where the wearer worked or what the wearer did. Sleeveless “Hanten” are a popular item of apparel for wear at events and other occasions.Buy

A “Tenugui” folded like a “Hanten”

This is a cute miniature “Hanten”. Once you unfold it, it turns into a “Tenugui”. This popular item is a great souvenir of Tokyo or gift.Buy

Price List

All Prices without taxes.
Tenugui 1,000yen Buy
A “Tenugui” folded
like a “Hanten”
500yen Buy
Hanten 6,000yen Buy
Hanten(Sleeveless) 5,000yen
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