A swaddling coverlet made from “Tenugui” (Japanese traditional cotton towel)The coverlet has exceptional breathability and water absorbancy, and it becomes softer to the skin with increased use. The “good luck” pattern is intended to bring a child health and prosperity. This item encourages children to be mindful of the value of things as they grow.

  • Package contents
    In addition to the swaddling coverlet, each package contains an “explanation manual,” “cotton stuffing,” and “sewing thread,” so you only need a sewing needle to create a stuffed toy from this product.
  • An explanation about the animals
    Among the animals that children like, we chose to offer “a bear, a rabbit, and a cat” as options for stuffed animals. We also included “a panda,” which is a popular animal at Ueno Zoo.
    We used a dyeing technique of gradations like “Tokyo honzome” to produce the colors that depict these animals.
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About the designers

Kotoko Hirata and Mami Takemoto are a pair of creative designers. In line with the concept of “arranging things with a flourish,” the pair has done a wide variety of design work in areas such as branding (mostly graphics), product planning, advertising, and packaging.

Price List

All Prices without taxes.

Bear 6,000yen buy
Cat 6,000yen buy
Rabbit 6,000yen buy
(blue & yellow)
6,000yen buy
6,000yen buy
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